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Physiotherapists are licensed health care practitioners regulated by the College of Physiotherapists of Ontario. Our staff are licensed physiotherapists with extensive post graduate education and experience in orthopaedics and the management of sports injuries.

Elbow Massage
Neck Treatment


Once the assessment is completed and the underlying problem is identified an individual treatment programme will be designed. Information will be provided about your type of injury, the necessary treatment approaches, the anticipated outcome of treatment, and preventative strategies to eliminate a further re-occurrence.

Hand Massage

What Defines Physiotherapy at
East York Physiotherapy Centre?

Communication and Client Participation

Restoration and maintenance of a healthy lifestyle is a
shared responsibility. Clients need to be informed about their health
care requirements and actively participate in their care. On initial
consultation your physiotherapist will discuss with you a thorough
history of your problem including any relevant medical history.
A detailed examination will be performed to determine the
underlying causes of your specific condition. This will include an
examination of all relevant joint movements, muscle strength,
flexibility and testing of neural structures if indicated.

Individualized Programs of Treatment

Continuing Post Graduate Education ensures that treatments
are based on sound clinical reasoning skills and the science
of physiotherapy which emphasizes best evidence based practice.
Treatments may include the following:

* Manual therapy including mobilizations & myofascial treatments.
* Specific exercise prescription for strengthening, cardiovascular
& neuromuscular retraining.
* Consultation regarding self directed fitness programs.
*Pre and Post Natal programs to address Women's Health Issues.
*Review of ergonomic preventative issues at work.
*Application of electro therapeutic modalities as necessary
including Laser photon therapy for soft tissue injuries.

Your therapist will consult with and provide information to other
members of your health care team as indicated to provide
optimal co-ordination in your recovery process.