East York Physiotherapy Centre - Frequently Asked Questions
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Will I need a referral from my physician?

Physiotherapists are licensed primary care providers in Ontario, therefore, you do not require a referral from you doctor for treatment. However, the Extended Health Care insurance provider may still request a referral.

What is involved in an initial assessment?

On your first visit you will be asked to fill in an admission form with contact information.

Your treating therapist will take a detailed history regarding your history of injury, and your health.  They will then examine the areas of your presenting problems.

During this time they will discuss the findings with you and start a treatment programme within this first session.

In most instances the first visit will require one hour.
How many sessions of physiotherapy will I need?

Every treatment session is tailored individually.  It will depend on what your presenting condition is and how long you may have had your symptoms.  You will be re-assessed at each visit to see how well you are responding to specific treatment which may include a home programme.

Your therapist will advise you in the first and follow up treatments of the average number of treatments required.

Will Extended Health Care coverage (Health insurance) cover the treatment?

This will depend on your individual insurance coverage and the percentage of the cost of the treatment which will be funded.  A receipt will be issued to you which includes all of the pertinent information that the insurance company requires. 

It is the policy of the clinic that each client will pay the clinic directly and then submit their receipt for re-imbursement to their individual plan.
What if my injury is a result of a recent Motor Vehicle Accident?

If you have been involved in a recent motor vehicle accident a treatment plan will be prepared after your first assessment and submitted to your auto insurance company.  Once this is approved your payments for treatment will be billed directly to your Extended Health Care Plan (if you have coverage) or directly to your auto insurance company.  Any balance owing from your Extended Health Care Plan will be billed directly to your auto insurance company.

Can the treatment be covered by OHIP services?

East York Physiotherapy Centre is not funded through OHIP services.


All appointments will be scheduled as a one on one consultation with a registered physiotherapist.  The therapist who provides your initial assessment will see you as your treating therapist on each session that you attend.

The fee schedule is covered by most Private Extended Health Care Plans.  The clinic is not funded through OHIP coverage.

Payment is due after your initial assessment and after each treatment session.  A full receipt will be issued to you with all of the information required to submit to your private insurance provider.

The policy of the clinic is that clients are asked to pay assessment and treatment fees directly to the clinic.  It is the individuals' responsibility to be re-imbursed by their Extended Health Care Coverage Plan.

Physician referral is not required for physiotherapy services however some insurance companies may still ask you to provide a physicians referral for treatment.  You may wish to check with your individual provider regarding the necessity of a referral.